1-2-1 online coaching sessions are becoming a popular tool that offer my clients a lot more flexibility to fit in short sharp sessions at their convenience, from their office or home.

Whilst online sessions do not replace face to face coaching, they do offer a lot more flexbility. Unlike face to face sessions which are normally 2-4 hours long monthly meetings, online sessions (I currently use SKYPE and FaceTime) can be as short as 30 minutes although typically are 60 minutes long and can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

For a new client, where possible we would start out by having a face to face session then move to online. The added advantage is that the cost is lower (typically £150 per hour) and there is no travel time for other party. Like my face to face coaching, the online service also includes phone and email support between sessions.

One of my online clients is Simon Manuel of content marketing agency, Inks & Dots. He outlined the value to him of online coaching:

“Using SKYPE online coaching means we can have regular catch ups (every 2 weeks) for an hour. These sessions help me focus, give me confidence in decision making and support me in moving my business forward. Rob and I initially met face to face, I felt comfortable working with him so agreed to work with him via SKYPE. The sessions work just as well as face to face, with the benefit of being able to easily fit them into my busy schedule.”