Recruit, train & retain the best staff


Find and retain the best staff

One of the  most common conversations I have with clients (besides ‘how do we win more business?’) is ‘how do we find and retain the best talent?

When the economy is strong it’s hard to recruit and retain the best staff, yet when the economy is weak, people tend to stay within the security of their current role. So what can you do to find and retain top quality staff? What will make you the employer of choice and how do you get the message out there?

And it's not just a case of recruitment.  What do you do to ensure they have the best chance of success with you? What is your induction/onboarding process and how do you set collaborative objectives.  How often should you do reviews and what is the best structure for doing them?  Have a read of my blog on this topic to start giving you some ideas.

I work with agencies to develop the structure, culture, strategies, tools and templates to  attract and retain  the best staff. You need to offer more than just a competitive salary (especially when hiring X- and Y-gen staff). Want to find out more?  Then please do get in touch.


Hire full time staff or use freelancers?

The $1m question. But  truth be told I do not believe you can build your agency solely using freelance staff. So I suggest youse freelancers to help with capacity issues and when you need specialist skills otherwise create a plan that shows you when and whom to hire


Should I use a recruitment agency?

The short answer is yes.  If you try and recruit on the cheap you will invest a great deal of time finding people then sifting through lots of poor quality and inappropriate CVs.  The direct costs of a recruiter and massively mitigated by the indirect costs of your time to try and fins someone yourself.


How do I retain my best staff??

Recognise that frequent and consistent feedback is vital. Ensure you have a solid appraisal system in place. Help you team understand what ‘good’ looks like in their role and ensure you are rewarding your top performers with not only competitive salary but opportunities.

Read my blog on retention here.


About Rob Da Costa

I have 30+ years of commercial business experience. After beginning my career by working in various blue chip companies, I took the leap In 1991 to start my own marketing, PR and design agency. Over the next 11 years, I grew the business into an award-winning agency with 25 staff and revenues in excess of £1.5m. In 2002, I sold the business and then retrained to become a coach and mentor. Since forming Da Costa Coaching in 2007, I have helped over 300 agencies to grow in a sustainble, profitable and enjoyable way.


Why Work with Rob?

Agency Accelerator
Sally AlexandeR

MD, Ambleglow

After a number of successful years, we wanted move into the next phase of our growth by redefine our offering. Rob has been instrumental in helping us understand where we are now and where we want to be, and the tools and processes that we need to get there. Not only do we now have an exciting next chapter, but I have personally learnt so much from working with Rob during this process. He now really feels like part of the Ambleglow family.

Simon Manuel

Director, Ink & Dots

I went to Rob for coaching to help me decide which direction to take my agency in. Rob applied a structured approach that enabled me to determine the best areas to focus on and the types of clients I should pursue. His advice was practical and easy to implement and he was a pleasure to work with. He was also an excellent sounding board when I had difficult decisions to make. I particularly valued the fact that he had previous experience in my sector. I have recommended Rob to friends and will continue to do so.

Agility Marketing
Anita Waddell

MD, Agility Marketing

We’ve worked with Rob for many years. Originally when my agency was very small - to help create (and keep on track) a business plan.  Now he works with some of my team as well as the Directors, Rob challenges our thinking and provides different solutions to put into the mix. We’d happily recommend him.