Find and retain the best staff

One of the  most common conversations I have with clients (besides ‘how do we win more business?’) is ‘how do we find and retain the best talent?

When the economy is strong it’s hard to recruit and retain the best staff, yet when the economy is weak, people tend to stay within the security of their current role. So what can you do to find and retain top quality staff? What will make you the employer of choice and how do you get the message out there?

And it's not just a case of recruitment.  What do you do to ensure they have the best chance of success with you? What is your induction/onboarding process and how do you set collaborative objectives.  How often should you do reviews and what is the best structure for doing them?  Have a read of my blog on this topic to start giving you some ideas.

I work with agencies to develop the structure, culture, strategies, tools and templates to  attract and retain  the best staff. You need to offer more than just a competitive salary (especially when hiring X- and Y-gen staff). Want to find out more?  Then please do get in touch.

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