Leadership & Management training

One of the biggest issues I see time and time again in SME owner/managed agencies is the gap between the directors/owners and the next tier. So, it’s vital for leaders to invest in their next tier of talent to bridge that skills gap.

In order for them to be successful their leadership & management skills need developing (both in terms of external, client & account management and internal, team management).

Creating bespoke practical based workshops can expedite the development of your team. Support this with coaching, to embed the learning and you can guarantee much faster rise in your talent.

Not only that but when it’s tough to find great new staff, you need to do all you can to retain your top talent. For Y- and Z-gen, self-development is particularly important and is something they will use to help determine which agency they join.

I design workshop content based on conversations that you and I will have to ensure they are not only based on sound theory but are 100% applicable to you and your team – giving them a set of new ideas, tools, templates and approaches that they can use immediately and will quickly have an impact on performance, retention and your bottom line.

Workshops typically consist of teams sized from 3 to 15students and are delivered as either ½ day or full day training sessions. They are delivered using an interactive, participative coaching style which guarantees engagement and will leave your team feeling energised – with new perspectives, skills and tools.

If you don’t have the time for classroom-based training or you just have one or 2 staff that need developing, thenI also an online learning platform. Click here to find out more.

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