Effective coaching & mentoring helps individuals to set and achieve goals, improve focus & performance, and bring their best to the office. Whether you’re just starting out on your own, leading a small team, or the manager of a bigger organisation, getting the support you need to stay focused and move your agency forward is critical.

Creating accountability

Many of my clients find that our monthly coaching sessions are tremendous for creating accountability - which is often lacking when you’re the boss! This means that they actually complete the activities that will move their agency forward, rather than getting bogged down working in the business instead of working on it.

How do I work with my clients?

Typically, I meet with clients for 2-4 hours per month for a set period of time (usually 6-12 months) to work on a specific project. This is a cost-effective way to get the support you need to move your business forward.  However, if your budget is limited (or you’re overseas) then we can communicate using Skype. This is great because it lets us talk frequently for short periods. Additionally, it means I can help you with your business even if you’re not within a reasonable distance.

Coaching & mentoring is very effective if you’re:

  • A solopreneur/small agency owner who wants a trusted advisor to guide them towards the right decisions
  • An agency that wants to create a solid, measurable plan of action to achieve their goals 
  • An individual looking to upskill or overcome a professional challenge

For more information,  just scroll down to book your free strategy call and we’ll get started. Alternatively, email me on  robert@dacostacoaching.co.uk or call 07775 644588 and I will send over 'Working with Rob' document, outlining how we will work together.

I work with clients across the London and South East including Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire.

Some questions I often get asked:

Surely I will only use a coach when my agency is not doing well?

How does coaching with you work?

How long do I need a coach for?

How much does coaching cost?


DaCosta coaching

Rob is an exceptional and thought provoking coach... well worth spending an hour of your time with!

Marc Bishop Managing Director

Invaluable guidance from an experienced Agency Coach

We've been working with Rob for many years now and over that time he has acted as a 'north star', keeping us on track and guiding us through growing our business. Rob has helped us deal with many challenges, everything from being recognised as a valued partner to clients, to dealing with the inevitable HR headaches. Rob's balanced advice has enabled us to make difficult decisions with confidence and has resulted in a more honed and profitable business

Simon Dunn Partner, Keen as Mustard Marketing

Excellent coach who understood my sector

I went to Rob for coaching to help me decide which direction to take my business in. Rob applied a structured approach that enabled me to determine the best areas to focus on and the types of clients I should pursue. His advice was practical and easy to implement and he was a pleasure to work with. He was also an excellent sounding board when I had difficult decisions to make. I particularly valued the fact that he had previous experience in my sector. I have recommended Rob to friends and will continue to do so.


Rob supported me and my newly formed management team meet the challenge of moving from a start-up to established business. He provided accessible, practical insights and tools to help build the strategy, structure, processes and organisational culture we needed to scale our business as well as being a trusted source of advice and support for the personal demands of a leadership role.

Ben Wilson CEO

Changed my life!

I founded my business on my own and after 6 years of extremely hard work for very slow growth (3 people), things had stagnated. I needed to work out a way to either make my company work or get out. Rob helped me think through what I wanted and how to get there. It was great to have someone who has been in a similar situation to talk to about these issues. We have since been able to grow and recruit more people. We are now very profitable and thriving, I cannot recommend Rob highly enough and could not possibly manage without him.


Moving our business forward

After a number of successful years, we wanted move into the next phase of our growth by redefine our offering. Rob has been instrumental in helping us understand where we are now and where we want to be, and the tools and processes that we need to get there. Not only do we now have an exciting next chapter, but I have personally learnt so much from working with Rob during this process. He now really feels like part of the Ambleglow family.

Sally Alexander Operations Director, Ambleglow

One question that changed my business

Rob has been a 'critical friend' to me and my business for some years. A couple of years ago he knew I was struggling with defining my services and positioning and that my business was suffering as a result. He asked me one simple question that immediately gave me clarity, direction and a sense of purpose in my business, and set me on the road to my current success, running a business with a six figure turnover, travelling the world doing something I love and get well paid for it. What was that one question? You'll need to work with Rob to find out.

Steve Bustin Public Speaking Coach

Valuable time out

Sometimes you need to take time out in a structured way to think about your business. It is very easy to get sucked into the day to day running and not have enough thinking time. By working with Rob, not only did we have that time, but it was structured and focused. Rob introduced us to useful models and approaches and helped us to think about how to shape the business.

ann pilkington Director

A great sounding board

We’ve worked with Rob for many years. Originally when my agency was very small - to help create (and keep on track) a business plan. Now he works with some of my team as well as the Directors, Rob challenges our thinking and provides different solutions to put into the mix. We’d happily recommend him.

Anita Waddell MD, Agility Marketing

Changed my life!

I founded my business on my own and after 6 years of extremely hard work for very slow growth (3 people), things had stagnated. I needed to work out a way to either make my company work or get out. Rob helped me think through what I wanted and how to get there. It was great to have someone who has been in a similar situation to talk to about these issues. I pretty quickly found a partner for the company which made a huge difference to me personally. We have since been able to grow and recruit more people. We are now very profitable and thriving, and have broken into a new market that we had wanted to work in for some time. He is also doing personal coaching for a key member of our team which has been very beneficial for all of us. I cannot recommend Rob highly enough and could not possibly manage without him.


When Frank met Rob

Our agency has a very specific growth target for the next three years. We engaged Rob to help us break down our target into manageable monthly actions, to sharpen our competitive edge and to crack the whip so that we remain accountable. It's still early days but already the sessions that Rob has chaired have yielded positive outcomes - most importantly an engaged management team who are focused on delivering a series of tasks towards fulfilling our quarterly targets and annual goal.

Jim Gilroy MD, The Franke Agency

A gifted coach with practical experience

I worked with Rob to help with the direction, structure and development of my communications agency. Rob helped me to define exactly what I wanted from the agency and how I wanted it to evolve. He helped me to focus in on the actual issues I was experiencing rather than my perception of the issues. Rob helped me to develop a strategy to overcome these issues and put a plan in place to build the agency in a way that i wanted to work, rather than focus on what was expected of an agency. Since working with Rob I've managed to implement the majority of the steps that he recommended and i now have a structure and process that not only works for me and my family, but has helped me to bring in a team to suit that way of working and clients that appreciate our strengths. I'm also much better at turning work down and focusing on clients that fit our ethos. This is not a natural process for an agency owner, but it is hugely beneficial for both team satisfaction and turnover. I recommend Rob highly, he understands how agencies work through his own experience and he bases his consultancy on what works for the person as well as the business.

Lloyd Gofton Managing Director

Rob's expert support

I had to restructure my company after my business partner decided to leave, and the process of having to scale back and uncertainty of continuing in a new form was daunting. I love the project work and our team, but I was disheartened about running a business after a prolonged period of disruption. Rob challenged and supported me to explore how I wanted to move forward and helped me realise I want to grow the business again. He's also helped me develop better practices around team management and client contact. I'm delighted the business and I are now both thriving again - and this couldn't have been possible without Rob's careful input, advice and experience.

Lucy Morris Founder

Defining my USP

As an established independent consultant, I was starting to get a seven-year itch. I wanted a clearer idea of where I was taking my business and I was struggling to articulate a vision for myself. That's when I came to Rob. He was invaluable. He made me consider my options and explore each in detail. It quickly became apparent which I was most passionate about. From there, he helped me clarify it in a meaningful way - so it would motivate my target market, and so it would be profitable. My new proposition has been a huge success and has led to fascinating new work with new clients. Rob has been a big part of making this happen.

Dan Young MD, Shed Research

A plan with focus

As a self-employed dentist running a business is an additional challenge over above the clinical work. Rob was able to help us develop focus, vision and learn how to develop the management team and the art of delegation. As a small business owner himself, he really understood all of the challenges we faced and helped us work through them.

Nik Sisodia Partner, TenDental

Rob is an excellent coach who worked with us on a number of key things including billings against targets, staffing issues, developing our vision which really helped define our 3-5 year strategy and regularly reviewing where we're at with our plan. He's an experienced coach, personable, and i would highly recommend him.


Value pricing changed my agency

Rob helped me move my pricing approach from a time-based model to a value-based model. It took a bit of convincing and courage but he was right to encourage me in this direction.

The impact has been HUGE and we have seen our profits increase by 66% in just 12 months.

Anna Pedroza MD

Coaching that pays for itself

I have been working with Rob since founding my business three years ago. I chose him thanks to a personal recommendation from a colleague who had worked with Rob and also because he had experience of running his own successful agency in the past. Rob's coaching has helped me gain clarity on how I want my business to develop and given me a clear sense of direction. I can also think of several occasions where Rob's advice has enabled me to win a client I would not otherwise have won and also to charge higher fees than I would otherwise have done. I genuinely believe my business would not be where it is today without Rob's input.

Are we a good fit to work together?