Is your business really that different to the next?

I heard this story of fish in the ocean all swimming in the same area, hunting for food. This area is a relatively small and is red because of the blood of the hunted, with many fish fighting for the smallest morsel. Yet elsewhere there is an entire beautiful blue ocean because no fish are hunting there.

Finding Your Blue Ocean

​​Is your agency swimming in shark-infested waters? Or have you found a tranquil patch of clear blue sea to paddle around in?

The market for generalists has never been so crowded. Everywhere you look, there’s agencies trying to be all things to all people. The waters they swim in have been bloodied by fierce competition playing out between rival businesses. In attempting to appeal to everyone, they end up being no one’s first choice.


When you need a specialist surgery, you don’t entrust your GP with the task - instead, you find the best surgeon you can get your hands on.  A surgeon like this serves far fewer people than the GP.   

The surgeon has less competition: only a few people are qualified to do the work he does. And as a result, he sets his own (higher) prices.

Finding your unique space in the marketplace is just like this. Without a clearly defined value proposition, you’ll be stuck in blood-red waters, eking out survival like everyone else.

However, if you can break free and find those blue waters, the world is your oyster - you’ll enjoy bigger profits, more rewarding work, happier clients, and less stress all around.


I’ve successfully employed this strategy in my own business. After briefly floundering around as a general business coach, I decided to play to my strengths. Knowing the creative agency sector as intimately as I do gave me a critical edge over my competitors. The waters I swam in grew bluer by the day, my value proposition became much more compelling, and I instantly began to speak my clients’ language.


Finding your blue ocean is essential if you want your agency to succeed in the long-term. This is one of the key areas I help my coaching clients with. We work together to develop a strategy that allows you to move from your current position to your target position, employing a systematic, structured approach to the process.


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