Is your business really that different to the next?

I heard this story of fish in the ocean all swimming in the same area, hunting for food. This area is a relatively small and is red because of the blood of the hunted, with many fish fighting for the smallest morsel. Yet elsewhere there is an entire beautiful blue ocean because no fish are hunting there.

So which area are you in? The red or blue sea?

I struggled with this for a few years when I first qualified as a business coach. At first I positioned myself as a generalist coach. After a few years I realised that it was a hard sell (against a large confused market place) and I was in the red sea. When I played to my strengths (knowing the creative agency sector intimately well), suddenly, not only was I playing in a less populated sea (the blue sea) but also my proposition became instantly more compelling and I started ‘speaking my client’s language’.

So how much time have you spent developing a unique position in the marketplace? This is one of the key areas I help companies with. Using a systematic approach to plot your market place and where you want to be, we develop a strategy that translates into a tactical implementation plan to help you move from where you are today to your desired market position.

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