Growing Revenues

Most business would like to be in growth mode yet many are just trying to survive or ‘going around in circles’. So do you have a clear sales plan? Do you understand your customer (what are their customer personas/) and do you understand your sales funnel and how to move prospects through the funnel?  Once you do it becomes easier to build targeting sales and marketing messages and sensible plans to engage with your market.

Building value

Most agencies still sell by the hour or the day – the issue with this is that it can easily be negotiated down and the resultant work is not valued.  Therefore you need to start selling your customer on the VALUE they get from the work you deliver.  There are 3 things any business sales to its customers.  Do you understand them for your business and charge accordingly?

If I can increase your revenues by 25% next year, and profitability by 30%, what is that worth to you?  How much would you pay me? That is far more compelling than me selling you 6 days of my time.  So do you sell on time or value?

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