I appreciate that not everyone has the time or resources available to have their own face to face coach.  To help fulfil this need I have started to develop a range of online coaching courses that consist of  videos and downloadable workbooks – some will be free and some will have a small fee.  Bookmark this page for more workshops to be released in the coming months.

under chargingIf you don’t charge enough for your product or service, and need some help to increase your charges without fear of losing your customer, then this course is for you and is currently FREE.  Click here to learn more.

pitch or proposalWriting proposals and preparing for pitches can be hugely time consuming.  This course will help you write the winning pitch or propoal and is currently FREE.  Click here to find out more.

Value sellingDo you sell your time, or do you sell your work for its real value? When you sell hours, you discount your work. Join this online course to find out how and why you should be doing things differently. Currently FREE. Click here to find out more.