I provide Non Executive Director services for creative marketing agencies. You get the advice, guidance and input of a Senior Director without the expense of hiring one.  I have a limited number of clients for whom I work as a Non Executive Director.

How it works

We agree the number of visits per month including attending / running your monthly management/board meetings plus ongoing phone and email support. In this role I provide guidance for:

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Succession planning
  • Finance
  • People
  • Business performance
  • Risk

What you can expect from hiring a Non Executive Director?

A strong Non Executive Director can provide constructive challenge, objective insight, an ability to look ahead without being submerged in operational issues, first rate networks and contacts and experience gained from having ‘been there and done it’ before. A Non Executive Director can provide advice and guidance. They can act as an additional check on procedures, good corporate governance and due diligence. They can also support you to plug a gap when you have capacity or capability issues.

business growth

Positioning your business
for success

Growing revenues

Building customer loyalty

Recruiting and retaining
the best staff