Rob's Story



Hey! If this is your first time here, please check out this short video to learn more about who I am, what I do, and how I can help you.


Why work with Rob Da Costa?

People need different support at different times. The work of a business coach is varied. Sometimes people need a partner to lead them to the right choice in a situation. Sometimes they need an advisor who can give them clarity and perspective. And sometimes they need a mentor who has been there, done that, and can show them the way forward.

I work with agencies of all shapes and sizes. PR, Content, Design, Web Development, SEO or Digital: whatever business you’re in, I’m here to help.  With the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated over the past 12 years coaching (plus the time running my own agency), I’m ready to make a real difference for your business.

Experience counts

I have 30+ years of commercial business experience. After beginning my career by working in various blue chip companies, I took the leap In 1991 to start my own marketing, PR and design agency. Over the next 11 years, I grew the business into an award-winning agency with 25 staff and revenues in excess of £1.5m. In 2002, I sold the business and then retrained to become a coach and mentor. Since forming Da Costa Coaching in 2007, I have been helping owner-managed businesses to grow and create the kind of organisations they dream of.

My coaching style is empathic yet challenging, with a constant focus on results. I am totally passionate about the work I do, and am dedicated to making a real difference in your business.

How can I help you?

  • We take one step forward and one step back!
  • I feel like the business has hit a wall, and can't go any further. 
  • I need a trusted advisor to help me move my agency forward.
  • I need my team to work together more effectively.
  • We don’t have efficient,  goal-orientated management meetings.
  • I'm interested in group coaching.
  • There is a big gulf between the leaders of the agency and the rest of the staff.  
  • I need my next tier of talent to step up.
  • I want to develop my junior team so we can retain them.
  • We don’t have time to attend a full-length course. 
  • We want resources for training our future hires.
  • I need to take a course to upskill myself.