The Factory

The Factory is a Leeds-based marketing services agency that helps customers generate leads and drive them through the sales funnel by connecting brand with marketing and digital services.

The business has been successful over the years and created a strong reputation. This has resulted in them being frequently asked to pitch and write proposals for new business opportunities.

Tim Chorlton, MD of The Factory, contacted Da Costa Coaching because although they were being asked to frequently pitch their win rate was too low. The brief to Rob Da Costa was to evaluate their pitch process, look at their pitching documents and help improve their win ratio. Tim approached Rob because of his extensive background in the agency world (20+ years including 11 running his own agency) together with his reputation as a pragmatic business coach.

The coaching intervention was short and involved time reviewing documents, a day working together and significantly changing the approach to pitching and writing proposals (fundamentally putting the client at the centre of the entire process) and a number of follow up telephone sessions and document reviews.

3-months following the start of the coaching work and The Factory has won 4 out of the 5 business pitches post coaching, resulting in the hiring of new staff and an order book that is full for the next 6-months.

Tim Chorlton said of the experience and results,

“Working with Rob was worth every penny. His previous experience of running creative agencies means he managed to get right to the heart of the matter and our time was spend solving problems rather than going over old ground. The results were almost instant. This brief intervention has had a significant impact on our business in a very short timescale.”

After a frustrating 2013, 2014 is looking extremely exciting and busy for The Factory with accelerated growth plans – and Da Costa Coaching has played a significant role in enabling this to happen.

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