Roar Accounting

Roar Accounting is a mid sized UK accountancy firm. They used a government grant to initiate the coaching programme with the original remit of supporting the managing director to delegate more work and focus on growing the business. Like many business owners, she took on a huge workload. Having spent time modelling how the ideal MD would spend their time, we then started to look at how and who could be delegated to. This freed up her time to focus on driving her business forward and having strategic input (rather than tactical) to her clients.

After finishing the initial programme, Da Costa Coaching has continued to work with the managing director on a monthly basis. This provides the support and confidence to the MD – providing her with a method of bouncing ideas and developing strategies via an objective coach.

The process helped the MD make some hard decisions in terms of staffing that lead to a more cohesive workforce and a more focused business.

Leonora Clarke-Stokes, MD of Roar cites the key benefits of the coaching programme as:

“Like many small business owners, I try to do too much and often feel ‘its quicker to do it myself’. Da Costa Coaching quickly helped me realise the error of this thinking and the fact that that thinking would actually be the thing that prevented my business from growing. They gave me some stark realities that helped me rapidly look for different strategies – i.e. ‘what should I be doing as MD and who should do the other stuff!’ I have continued working with Da Costa Coaching and look forward to our monthly sessions which give me the space to discuss challenging situations and look at the longer term.”