Ranieri Communications

Ranieri Communications, a UK based Consumer technology public relations specialist, brought Da Costa Coaching in to help it develop a clear position in its market place. Frameworks developed and delivered by Da Costa Coaching helped Ranieri look at its market and itself in an objective way to ascertain where it was today, where it wanted to be, who its target customer was and how it needed to communicate with that target market. Once this was completed, Ranieri was able to redesign its brand, rewrite its website and amend its external communications to provide clear and concise messages to its target markets.

This renewed focus has enabled the business to achieve significant growth in the past year. The process and coaching support also helped Ranieri develop its own series of Messaging Workshops to deliver to its clients. The transfer of skills from the coaching programme supported this process.

Pietro Ranieri, MD of Ranieri Communications cites the key benefits of the coaching programme as:

“Getting that objective view enabled us to have perspective that the management team can’t achieve alone. We were able to see that we needed to focus solely on consumer technology, and everything else was a distraction and took a great deal of energy. We learned a great deal during the process and now our managers are able to use some of the techniques they learned with their staff.”