NTA is one of the first Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone providers. It has been very successful since its formation in 2001 and has seamlessly transitioned from providing traditional phone systems to developing its own VoIP technology.

Da Costa Coaching worked with the MD and senior team to develop a long term Vision for the business, and help turn that Vision into a strategy and measureable action plan. This vision is well understood within the business and has not only resulted in a commercial success (increased revenues, targeted sales and marketing efforts) but a cultural one as well (improved behaviours, better communications, ‘buy-in’ to the business aspirations).

Paul White, MD of NTA cites the key benefits of the coaching programme as:

“Its easy to get bogged down in the day to day running of your business and never come up for air. Da Costa Coaching helped me stop and dream a little. This helped me develop a long-term vision that I am really energised and excited about. Once the process for our 5-year vision was completed, we worked on the 1-year and 3-year vision. Then we ran an off site day to present the vision to the rest of the business. It was important for them to buy-in to this so Da Costa Coaching helped me work out how best to achieve communicate back. We now have a business that is focused in the same direction, with a common language and set of goals”