energiseYou is a London-based organisation that helps businesses improve their health and energy through workshops, webinars, podcasts & health events.

The business has been successful over the past 10-years but has ambitious plans to grow.

MD of energiseYou, Oliver Gray, an ex professional tennis player, Personal Trainer & NLP coach, utilised the GrowthAccelerator Government Funding to secure a 6-month coaching programme. Oliver had some very specific requirements in the coach he selected and ended up meeting with 7 coaches before selecting Rob of Da Costa Coaching. Oliver said of this process, “I wanted to find a coach that not only had a strong sales and marketing background, someone who had ‘been there and done it’ but also someone I felt would be a good cultural fit with my business. Rob ticked all these boxes. He listened to my requirements and challenges before talking about how he could help me.”

The coaching initially focused on capturing the long, medium and short-term vision and turning these into a strategy and measurable action plan. The focus then switched to sales and marketing. Oliver commented on the process “The coaching has encouraged us to view our business in different ways and has resulted in us reconsidering the position, proposition and products we sale. The sales work we have completed so far with Rob has been very pragmatic and practical, and has resulted in us reviewing our sales process; qualifying more rigorously so that we invest our limited time and resources in the most productive ways.”

energiseYou continues to work with Rob to help further refine its sales strategy and ensure it is putting the right structures in place to support its current growth.

Oliver concluded,

“Rob is incredibly supportive and always there when we need some objective advice but he also isn’t afraid to ask the tough and challenging questions that ultimately help us consider things in a different way and move the business forward.”

As the economy strengthens and businesses find it harder to recruit, more and more organisations are looking to companies like energiseYou to run heath and well being programmes that result in a more motivated staff with longer retention. Da Costa Coaching has played a significant role in ensuring energiseYou is at the forefront of this market offering the best solutions.