Develop EBP

Carolyn O’Donnell, CEO of Develop EBP contracted Da Costa Coaching to mentor and support the management team to create stronger commercial focus during a time of great change. Develop EBP provides brokerage services to employers, schools, colleges, communities and volunteers who need help, support, advice and guidance. In a time of cut backs and changes in funding, it was vital that the management team were externally focused, commercial and looked for new revenue stream opportunities.

Rob initially ran a series of workshops with the management team to help them plan and focus their time, resources and energies in the most effective way. He provided the team with a common language and a set of frameworks to ensure the team and their staff clearly understood their goals and measures, and took full responsibility for their roles and delivery of results.  He then provided 1-2-1 coaching with managers to further support them in tackling their own specific challenges.

Rob has continued working with Carolyn to support the business as it grows into it’s next phase. The business has not only survived the turbulent last few years but is thriving as it branches out into new areas.

Carolyn commented

“Rob brings a pragmatic no nonsense approach combined with strong listening skills and empathy. He has helped us tackle difficult challenges head on and as a consequence, build a stronger more confident management team.” She added, “We have used a number of business coaches in the past but I really like the balance of commercial and cultural focus that Rob has delivered.”