Da Costa Coaching helps Pedroza Communications increase profits by 66%

Pedroza Communications is a Brighton-based PR agency focusing on the education sector. The business has been around for five years and wanted to seek some external support to ensure it created sustainable growth.

Anna Pedroza, is the founder and MD of the organisation and she wanted to find a coach that not only understood the specific challenges a PR agency faces but also a coach that has ‘been there and done it”. Given Rob’s background of starting and growing his own marketing agency, he was an obvious choice to support Pedroza.

Anna initially engaged Rob for a 4-month period to help set the strategy for the business. Based on the success of their work together in phase one, Anna then retained Rob’s services on an ongoing bi-monthly basis

One of the key areas Rob supported Pedroza was to benchmark the business against its competitors and to look at charge out rates, over servicing and profitability. Rob supported Anna to evolve her proposals and costings to sell on value rather than time. This has had a significant impact on the bottom line: after evaluating the profitability of the business, he has helped Pedroza increase profits by 66%.

Rob states “Growing a business first means getting the correct processes in place and maximising profitability, not just increasing revenues.”

One of the challenges that all business owners will recognise is the need to be able to ‘spin many plates at once’ and this skill is vital to ensure the consistent growth and delivery of excellent client work, rather than suffering peaks and troughs in the business. On this topic

Anna stated “Rob has used a simple tool to help me identify my priority areas across all aspects of the business. So, whilst I always have a lot to do, at least now I know I am focusing on the right tasks to move the business forward and not getting side tracked by tasks that are not vital or could be delegated to other team members.”

The business has now reviewed its structures, systems and processes to create a solid platform for future growth. It has clarity around who its target customer is and how best to engage with them and the team is growing.

She concluded with thoughts around the value Rob brings

“Having someone holding you to account and knowing that their only purpose is to support the growth of the business, provides me with huge value and assurance. Also knowing Rob is at the end of a phone or email, between sessions, means I always have access to a sounding board to confirm my thinking or give me a different perspective.”

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