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Changed my life!

I founded my business on my own and after 6 years of extremely hard work for very slow growth (3 people), things had stagnated. I needed to work out a way to either make my company work or get out. Rob helped me think through what I wanted and how to get there. It was great to have someone who has been in a similar situation to talk to about these issues. We have since been able to grow and recruit more people. We are now very profitable and thriving, I cannot recommend Rob highly enough and could not possibly manage without him.

Lucy Davison Founder. Mustard Marketing

A plan with focus

As a self-employed dentist running a business is an additional challenge over above the clinical work. Rob was able to help us develop focus, vision and learn how to develop the management team and the art of delegation. As a small business owner himself, he really understood all of the challenges we faced and helped us work through them.

Nik Sisodia Partner, TenDental

A gifted coach with practical experience

I worked with Rob to help with the direction, structure and development of my agency. He helped me to define exactly what I wanted from the agency and how I wanted it to evolve. He helped me to develop a vision, strategy and practical plan to build the agency in a way that I wanted - that matched my personal situation and aspirations.

Rob understands how agencies work through his own experience and this really differentiates him from other consultants and coaches.

Lloyd Gofton Managing Director

DaCosta coaching

Rob is an exceptional and thought provoking coach... well worth spending an hour of your time with!

Marc Bishop Managing Director