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Winning Your Ideal Client

In today’s podcast, I’m going to show you how to identify your ideal client and how to go about winning them, even during these uncertain times.

This is something I spend a lot of time discussing with my coaching clients because so many of us (myself included) have wasted a lot of time and money attracting the wrong types of clients.

I’m going to be giving you loads of practical advice so if you can, grab a pen and paper and make some notes because you can start implementing a lot of this information from today.

[1:19] Today is the final day for enrolment to my 12-Week Agency Accelerator Mastermind Programme! I was so excited when recording this I actually forgot what year it was (it’s 2020 not 2019 at the time of recording! If you’re serious about growing your agency in a profitable & sustainable way, this is for you. If you’re listening to this podcast in the future (are there flying cars yet?!), keep an eye out for future programmes by signing up to my mailing list.

*EDIT – Due to the current global climate, I have extended the deadline until the 8th April at 7pm.

[2:00] Can you relate to this typical scenario I’ve seen happen so many times before? An email pings and it’s an enquiry from someone interested in your services, you’re excited so you agree to a meeting but when you turn up, they are not a good fit and it turns out you’ve completely wasted your time!

[5:52] Get clear on your target niche - do not try to be a generalist and please everyone. It won’t work! Download my ebook on defining your niche - where I go into this topic in a lot more detail.

[7:51] Define your ideal target customer - what is their job? What are their pain points? Where do they go for information etc? Learn as much as possible about your ideal target customer and your life will become so much easier.

[9:04] Target the easy wins and work on your ‘know, like & trust’ sales funnel

[12:16] Education based marketing should not involve you using your time! – Do not waste your time educating an unsuitable prospect when you could have spent that time putting that info into a useful free ebook to share with potential clients for years. Let your prospects educate and qualify themselves using your online content!

[14:12] Ask each prospect some non-negotiable questions – what questions MUST be answered before your prospect moves to the next stage of the sales funnel?  Make sure they answer these before moving forward.

[15:47] Make sure you and your prospect both go to the meeting with the same agenda – you can do this in an email before the meeting takes place to ensure you’re both on the same page.

[18:00] Close the meeting properly – Put an action on you & them and get a date in the diary for the next interaction.

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Are you a niche or a generalist -  ebook?

How to define your ideal target customer - ebook


Agency growth & transformation with Lee Jackson

I am super excited to be joined by Lee Jackson of Agency Transformation and the Agency Trailblazer Podcast. This episode is jam PACKED with actionable tips and advice to help you with your agency’s growth.

We are going to be looking at the 5 stages of growth and transformation every agency needs to go through in order to grow. So grab a pen and paper because you’re going to be taking away so much from this episode today.

[1:09] Doors are finally open to my 12-Week Agency Accelerator Mastermind Programme! If you’re serious about growing your agency in a profitable & sustainable way, this is for you. Doors to enrolment are only open for one week so be quick, since there are limited places available in 2020.

[1:52] Lee Jackson has been a very busy guy for the past few years with multiple projects including the Agency Trailblazer podcast, The Event Engine and his brand new podcast The Event Martech. How on earth does he manage his time and keep on top of it all?

[5:18] With so much going on, how does Lee determine what he’s going do and what he’s not going to do? Lee actually closed one of his groups recently and he explains the reasons behind this. Focus on what moves the needle forward for you.

[7:42] Let’s look at the typical journey someone takes when they go out on their own. Like many agency owners in the early days, Lee used to work 18 hours days. However, long hours and passion isn’t enough to succeed and grow (indeed it can actually be detrimental to your to agency’s growth!). Lee discusses the 5 pillars of transformation and how every agency owner needs to go through each stage in order to grow their business.

[12:47] The first pillar of transformation – Know Your Identity

You need to know your identity. Be the authentic version of you and commit to your niche. Lee flashes back to when he used to show up to meetings in a suit and tie (totally not how he likes to dress) ….which would attract the complete opposite types of clients he wanted to work with!

[17:29] The second pillar of transformation – Value

So many agency owners still don’t value themselves enough and they regularly find themselves in the feast and famine cycle. We need to recognise that we are amazing at what we do and make sure we charge our worth.

[21:47] The third pillar of transformation – Messaging

Getting the first 2 pillars nailed will make it much easier to understand your messaging and choose the best platforms to get your message across to your audience e.g. Which social media platforms are best for what you do? Lee shares with us how he found his perfect platforms and how you can find yours.

[28:19] The fourth pillar of transformation – Nail Your Output

Be amazing at what you do! We need to make sure the quality of what we deliver matches our pricing.

[32:40] The fifth pillar of transformation – Future

If we haven’t worked out the last four pillars, how can we work out our future? This is all about scalability.

[35:02] How long does it usually take for an agency owner to go through each of the five stages?

[38:06] Why agency owners need to align themselves with someone that talks their language….

[41:24] Lee tells us about his next amazing event for agency owners – Agency Transformation Live on 6-8th May 2020. Read more about the event here.

[44:08] I ask Lee “if you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?”

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Book Links:

Mike Hyatt, Free to Focus

Lee Cockerell, Time Management Magic

The E-Myth Revisted

Business & life lessons from my month in South Africa

Hello from South Africa! I have been fortunate enough to have spent the last month here and I’m recording this podcast from Cape Town, during my last week in this stunning country.

I’ve learnt some really great lessons during my time here and I wanted to share my thoughts about Cape Town and South Africa in general and how they can relate to the way that we run our agencies (and our lives!):

[1:37] The Importance of Branding - “yes but Rob, is it safe?” is exactly what so many people asked me before I came here. This is my 4th trip to South Africa and to be honest, in my opinion it’s as safe as any big city I have been to! It’s clear that South Africa needs to do some serious rebranding to shake off its past reputation and this highlights just how important branding really is to your business. Once you are known for one thing, you have to work super hard to rebrand to become known for something else.

[5:12] Living In The Present - We seem to be a lot more present and ‘in the moment’ when we’re on holiday, which is a shame because most of us only tend to spend a few weeks of the year away (if we’re lucky enough), and the rest of it is spent working. Stop wishing time away. Life is too short and if you hate your job, try to find something you love doing because before you know it, 20 years would have flown by and you’ll never get that back.

[8:00] Be Efficient With Your Time – Know what your goals are and organise your time properly. During my last two weeks here, I made a plan to work from 7am-3pm each day. Knowing I could be exploring the beautiful sunny Cape Town at the end of each day meant I didn’t waste any time throughout the day, and I achieved so much because of this. Giving yourself a reward, (even something small like a cup of tea or a nice 30-minute walk) can help you get super focused throughout your day.

[10:39] Morning/Evening Routines – Following on from the last point, having a consistent morning and evening routine helps me to be really efficient with my time during the day. I highly recommend you check out Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt if this is something you’d like to work on.  

[11:39] We All Have Choices – I’ve been told by various people that I’m so lucky to be able to go on trips like this, but to be honest it has nothing to do with luck. It was all simply in the planning and this is something you could do too, if you really wanted to! Stop constraining yourself. Stop telling yourself stories that you believe as facts. Step outside of your comfort zone and into your learning zone, and remember, it’s all about choices and planning. Listen to my episode Starting the Year With A Positive Mindset for help with this.

[13:51] Sun Is So Good For The Soul! - Seriously, doesn’t everyone seem so much happier when the weather is beautiful?

[15:06] It’s A Small World - So much of business operates on a “who you know” basis, so always make sure to keep networking and making sure the world knows who you are. 

[15:43] Practise Gratitude - There is a lot of poverty in South Africa and it reminds me just how lucky most of us really are. We need to remember to be grateful for what we have and stop moaning about such small things.

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Facebook ads with Sophie Walton

Facebook ads

Welcome to The Agency Accelerator’s eighth episode, hosted by agency coach and online educator, Rob Da Costa.

In today’s world, advertising on social media is a very competitive sport, so we need to ensure we’re doing it correctly, otherwise, we could end up wasting hundreds, or even thousands of pounds.

In this episode, we are diving into the world of Facebook advertising and I am joined by a very special guest, Sophie Walton of brand and social media agency, 3Twelve.

Don’t miss this one because Sophie shares some incredibly valuable tips that even I didn’t know about until this episode!

[0:45] Exciting news from The Agency Accelerator!

[1:37] Sophie discusses her background and what led her to run her own agency, 3Twelve. When 3Twelve was first created, they offered everything from SEO to Google Adwords and web design. They tried to offer something for absolutely everyone! However, they recently niched down to mainly focus on lead generation through Facebook and has already proved to be a great move for the company.

[5:48] Traditionally, Facebook was seen as a platform for B2C companies only. However, if you know what you’re doing, this can be a great platform for B2B companies too. Sophie discusses how this is the case.

[7:26] Many people use Facebook for personal reasons only (i.e posting pics of their cute dogs), but they could really be missing a trick here! Facebook Ads, when done correctly can be a great lead generator for your business. Sophie gives an AMAZING re-marketing tip here and recommends installing a Facebook Pixel into your website. This bit of code will track your website visitors (warm leads) and then show your ads to them on Facebook!

[10:30] One of the main questions people ask is “how exactly do you find your target audience on Facebook?” Sophie gives another brilliant tip here (amongst others!) and explains how we can use Facebook to find a “lookalike” audience, where a new audience is created by using the info from your Facebook Pixel made up of people with similar ‘likes’, interests, demographics and more.

[13:22] So, how do we go about building an ad that resonates with our target audience?

[15:19] Let’s look at where in the sales funnel Facebook Ads fit in. Facebook is definitely great for brand awareness, but is it useful for further down in the funnel?

[16:52] Facebook Ads isn’t as cheap as it used to be and it’s a LOT more competitive! This is why it’s more important than ever to test different campaigns (using a very small budget) before going all out and potentially throwing lots of money down the drain. Sophie explains the best ways of doing this.

[19:35] In the world of advertising, you are basically fighting for real estate and unfortunately it’s not free. What is the minimum amount of money we should expect to spend each day before seeing some real results?

[20:17] Facebook Ads can be a bit of a pain to get approved, and thanks to Facebook’s not-so-great support, we are sometimes left in the dark wondering why! Sophie gives us some tips to help ensure your ads are approved every single time like avoiding making unrealistic claims (e.g “lose 10 stone in a week with these magical tablets!”).

[24:59] What are the benefits of outsourcing Facebook Ads management when you can do it yourself? Is it really so complicated?

[26:45] If you’d like to contact Sophie or simply find out more information about her services, visit the 3twelve agency WEBSITE or send her an email at: [email protected]

[27:35] Before we go, Rob asks Sophie “if you could go back in time what advice would you give?”

For a step by step guide on how to identify and define your ideal customer click HERE.

Latest Agency Accelerator Podcast: Running & growing a successful marketing agency

Agency Accelerator Podcast

In today’s podcast, I will be discussing exactly what it takes to grow a successful marketing agency and I’ll be giving you some great tips on areas to focus on as well as some common mistakes agency owners make.

Now, I’ve experienced the challenges and growing pains both when I ran my own agency as well as with countless other agencies I have worked with (both start-ups and established).

So, if you’re running an agency or you’d love to start your own agency, do not miss out on this episode. 

[1:21] – Why did you start your own agency (or why do you want to?) Maybe it’s because you love the freedom of having your own business brings? Or maybe it’s because you think you can do it better than others? Whatever the reason, you must ask yourself if you have these 3 crucial skills to build a successful business.

[06:02] Let’s now look at the 5 traits of a successful entrepreneurial agency owner. How many of these traits do you have? If you don’t possess all of them, what will you do to develop them?

[13:16] A very quick announcement that my 12-week Agency Accelerator Mastermind Programme is starting again very soon! If you want to create a successful and profitable agency, this programme is for you. You’ll receive 1-2-1 coaching from me at a fraction of the normal price as well as group coaching, accountability, your own unique roadmap and LIFETIME access to over 40 hours of online content, tools and templates. Doors for enrolment open on 26th March 2020 and are only open for a few days with a maximum of 20 participants. Click HERE for more info and to register your interest.

[14:16] Finally, I share with you my top 5 dos and don’ts of running and scaling a profitable and successful agency. If you can follow all of these, you will be on your way to creating a successful (and sustainable!) marketing agency.

Other links mentioned:

Agency Sales Pack

Agency Growth Pack

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PS BIG NEWS! After 3 months and lots of positive feedback, it’s time to ramp things up. So from today onwards, The Agency Accelerator Podcast will be published weekly!

Interview with David Miles of The PPC Machine

Da Costa Coaching Podcast

Welcome to The Agency Accelerator’s sixth episode, hosted by agency coach and online educator, Rob Da Costa. 

In this episode, Rob is joined by guest David Miles of The PPC Machine and they cover the world of PPC marketing and how it is changing.

David also discusses how and why he niched his agency.

So make sure you tune in, because Rob and David have some incredibly valuable tips to share with you in this episode.


[1:07] David discusses his background and how he ended up creating and building The PPC Machine. SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) have changed significantly over the years and The PPC Machine has to ensure they keep up to date so they are able to help their clients the best they can.

[4:58] How can you as an agency use pay-per-click to generate more leads? David shares some very handy tips and different approaches you can take to save money but keep results coming in. He also reminds us of the importance of sharing value-added content with your audience to help ensure that they come back to you, when they are ready to buy.

[08:11] Is it a good idea to stop running PPC when your site’s SEO kicks in?

[11:46] Why should we outsource PPC when surely we can just do it ourselves? David discusses some interesting points about Google and how setting up a campaign can look easier than it actually is (more money for Google, less money for you!)

[14:42] Rob and David discuss the value of delegating and the different approaches you can take with this, including delegating internally to junior members of staff.

[17:15] How can we compete with our PPC competitors without paying out ridiculous amounts of money each month?

[19:30] Businesses need to remember that PPC leads can be very different to more traditional leads, as they tend come in at the very top of the sales funnel (i.e they don’t know anything about you). David tells us how he helped a Dental practise change their approach with PPC leads to turn more of them into new clients.

[21:30] The PPC industry is always changing. David predicts what he thinks is going to happen in the next few years.

[24:24] How and why did David and PPC Machine choose their niche? 

[34:01] How can we find out more about the PPC Machine?

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Find out more about David and The PPC Machine

Interview with Sally Alexander of Ambleglow

Da Costa Coaching Podcast

In our first podcast interview, I am joined by my very first guest, Sally Alexander. Sally is currently the Client Services Director but soon to be Managing Director of education-focused marketing agency, Ambleglow. 

We discuss how Ambleglow has repositioned itself from an education focused ad agency to a full service marketing agency.  Listen to the full episode here.

Sally gives some brilliant tips and advice so if you run a marketing agency (no matter what niche is), make sure you tune in as you will take away a lot from this episode!  Show notes below.

[0:58] Sally discusses Ambleglow’s background. Ambleglow’s main focus in education was always within recruitment marketing. You may be aware that there is a huge teacher shortage here in the UK, meaning it’s more important than ever for schools to get their recruitment marketing right. However, with the rise of employment-related search engines such as Indeed, a lot of schools now decide to simply recruit new staff themselves, without the need for agencies. Ambleglow have therefore broadened out their niche to include additional services for their education audience where there is still a big demand.

[5:40] I talk about the value of being a niched agency and why Ambleglow were right to broaden out their services whilst still remaining within their niche. Sally discusses all of the core services Ambleglow now offer and how they go about actually selling their business to potential clients. 

[9:30] Many businesses might be great at what they do but so many of them are still poor at marketing themselves. Ambleglow were aware of this and so made a great decision when they decided to invest in bringing in a marketer to work on their outbound marketing with them. Sally shares some more tips that have helped their company remain a successful player, even in these challenging times. 

[11:31] Sally discusses the mistakes they made within Ambleglow’s marketing and the key learnings they took away from these.

[13:45] What does the future hold for Ambleglow? 

[15:06] Sally discusses some of the outbound marketing strategies that work well for Ambleglow, including LinkedIn and creating more value-added content to build more awareness and trust. Remember, when your audience KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you, they will be much more likely to buy from you.  

[19:00] Sally gives her final bits of advice to give to other marketing agencies to help them grow. 

[20:45] I ask Sally, “if you could give your old self some advice what would it be?”

[22:15] Let’s look at the 5-key takeaways from this episode.

Find out more about Ambleglow

If you’d like to find out more about Ambleglow and their services, check out their website or follow them on: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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Starting The Year With A Positive Mindset


In this first podcast of the year, I talk about the power of a positive (and negative) mindset and how this can, quite literally, make or break your business. 

Mindset is not just some wishy-washy trend that comes and goes like a lot of the health and wellness fads these days because I guarantee you, behind every successful business is an entrepreneur with a winning positive mindset.

I’ll be discussing exactly what mindset is and how your thoughts directly influence your actions and behaviours. 

I will also be teaching you 8 amazing strategies to grow your business with a positive mindset.

So tune in, because you’re going to come away from this episode with a lot of incredibly important tools and tips to implement into your own growth and development. 

[02:15] Thoughts lead to feelings that lead to actions or behaviours. This is known as the cognitive triangle. If you want to change your behaviour, you have to change your thoughts. 

[03:28] The law of attraction isn’t just as simple as sticking a picture of your dream car on your fridge and it magically appearing. However, positive thoughts really do influence positive behaviours that in turn, attract positive outcomes (and vice versa). The law of attraction is very real!

[4:53] Mindset and growth - You must learn to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to grow. There are three areas of your comfort zone (comfort zone, fear zone and learning zone). If you can learn to step outside of your comfort zone and into your learning zone, this is where you will start to acquire new skills and deal with challenges head on. 

[6:44] Play small, stay small – If you think you’re not good enough to get better clients, you won’t.

[8:30] Mindset in your marketplace – Why confidence in yourself and the service you offer is key.

[9:54] Mindset and pricing – If you have the right mindset, you will learn how to confidently charge what you know you’re really worth.

[11:30] Mindset and teams – A leader with a strong, positive mindset is not threatened by recruiting the very best staff that they can afford. 

[12:33] Mindset and learning – Having a positive mindset will enable you to quickly react to changes in the market and efficiently deal with any curveballs that are thrown your way.

[14:15] 8 strategies to grow your business with a positive mindset

[14:20] 1. Keep learning and learn from your mistakes 

[17:22] 2. Get someone to coach you who has “been there, done that”

[18:16] 3. See failure as an opportunity to learn

[20:13] 4. Ensure you maintain a good work/life balance. 

[21:41] 5. Start and end your day in a consistent manner

[22:57] 6. Learn to listen to your instincts 

[24:29] 7. Keep reinventing and evolving yourself 

[25:10] 8. Keep revisiting your vision to stay connected to it

If you would like to grab free mindset guide outlining these points in more detail, simply click here.

Finally, make sure you download these great resources to help you achieve the winning mindset:

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Podcast Bonus episode 2: My Top 20 Productivity Tools of 2019


Welcome to The Agency Accelerator’s second episode, hosted by business coach and online educator, Rob Da Costa.

In this podcast, I discuss the importance of making each and every hour as productive as possible by utilising a range of brilliant tools and apps that will save you HOURS each week.

Remember – Ditch it, Delegate it, Defer it, Do it, or…..automate it! We are focusing on the automation part in this podcast. We are talking all things productivity.

So I am going to cover 20 of my favourite tools. In case you want to skip forward, here is a handy timestamped guide for each tool:

  1. 3.07: LiveWebinar
  2. 4.29: Loom
  3. 5:56 YouTube and Vimeo
  4. 7.33 Autocue & other video equipment
  5. 11.10 Canva
  6. 11.54 Designrr
  7. 14:01 TinyJpg
  8. 14:24 Thrive Architect
  9. 16:46 ConvertKit
  10. 17.39 DuxSoup
  11. 18.48: RocketReach
  12. 19:15 Hunter.io
  13. 19:53 Buffer
  14. 20:29 DripScripts
  15. 21:30 Google Drive
  16. 22.26 Marvin
  17. 23.39 Toby
  18. 24.54 AppSumo
  19. 25.59 Xero
  20. 26.33 ReceiptBank

If you would like a hardcopy of this podcast, you can grab a copy of my top 15 tools cheatsheet which includes more details and links to all the tools mentioned. Grab your copy by visiting https://www.dacostacoaching.co.uk/download-1

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