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Understanding your customer journey

customer journey

We all understand that in order to grow our business we need to turn contacts (i.e. target customers who don’t know us today) into customers. It’s tempting to assume that one piece of marketing or one contact will be enough to convert these contacts but in truth, it’s much more complex than that.  In order to create engaging content, you need to understand the customer journey.

Your customer personas

There are a number of stages we need to follow in order to truly understand our customers and therefore ‘speak their language’. Firstly, we need to understand who our target customer is. Sounds obvious right? You’d be surprised how few companies have identified their target customer groups (maybe 3-4 different types) and therefore can map their typical behaviours, challenges and needs of each group onto their product/service. If you do this as step one then you can start to produce sales and marketing messages that resonate with each group. Take me for example, as a business coach and mentor, 2 of my (3) customer personas are HR managers of mid-sized businesses and Owner/Managers of small businesses. Do you think they have the same needs when looking for a coach? No, they don’t. If I understand their specific and unique requirements then I can start to ‘talk their language’ when marketing to them.

Understand your customer’s journey

Now you understand your client types you can start to map the journey they will take as they look to buy your solution and move through your sales funnel. What are the various stages they go through as the convert from contact to warm lead to prospect to hot prospect and finally customer (and then repeat customer)? And what can you do at each stage to ‘encourage ‘ them to move through this process? It will certainly be different messages at each stage; your communications will get more detailed and sophisticated the further they move through the funnel.

Sound intriguing?

If not and you want to find out more, download my FREE ebook on developing your customer personas.

Get rich QUICK in 2019 (but sadly not with me)

Get rich quick

Is 2019 going to be the year you get rich?  It seems everywhere you look there is someone on social promising you a way to effortlessly earn 6 and 7 figure sums of money. If I am honest, I have almost fallen for it – with compelling messaging and stories of how the writer was poor until they discovered this one magical method, that no one else is doing – and now they want to share it with you………for a fee (of course!).

Here is such a message I received today ‘Learn …5 ways to hit a million in 2019…!!!’

Yet if it seems too good to be true, then undoubtedly it will be.  It’s one of the harsh realities I have learned since I have been selling my online leadership & management courses – that being, there is no such thing as a quick rich scheme and if you are considering clicking on one of the many promises of ‘6 steps to earning a 7-figure income in the next 30 days’ then let me save you the disappointment and tell you it will fail.

The secret to success

There is no magic bullet, just loads of marketing hype that fails to deliver, and lots of new channels to reach your audience (just think of the days before social media, AdWords, Facebook ads etc. etc.).  Yet the same methods for successful sales and marketing 10 years ago, still apply today.  The only activities you need to focus on are finding your niche audience, offering a truly value added service or product to them, and then be really consistent about communicating with that audience.

Remember you need to take your target customer on their buyer’s journey:

  • That starts with building awareness of you and your product/service
  • Then build empathy by showing them you really understand their challenges
  • Then build trust and credibility by discussing previous clients you have solved this for
  • And FINALLY, you can start selling to them (because they will be aware of you and be interested in what you have to say)

The reality

So, sorry to burst your bubble if you have been enticed (as I have) by sexy promises you read on Facebook or LinkedIn, they won’t work (or they haven’t told you the whole story).  To help me find the best and most successful methods for marketing, I always use this equation: ‘is the effort in less than the results out?’.  If this answer is no (e.g. investing a lot of time going to twice weekly networking events that deliver little in the way of opportunities) then I stop doing it.  If this answer is Yes (e.g. sending out regular useful and thought provoking emails (as I hope this one is!)) then I do more of it and do it consistently.


over promise

Have you ever over promised and under delivered? Well like this blog post title, you may do it to get your customer’s attention but ultimately you will fail to live up to the promise and thus, disappoint your client.

OK I admit that this may not be the most important post you will ever read (so please forgive me) but it’s still worth a read!

I was recently contacted by a subscription organisation to potentially sign up and become a member. They seemed quite interesting so despite the heavy sell (and price tag) I asked to speak to a couple of other members to gauge their experience. The friendly chap said he would email straight over some case studies and get a couple of contacts phone number sent over too. Fast forward a week and nothing is received. However, I do get the next sales phone call and remind the chap of our previous conversation and what he had promised to do. He exclaimed “Haven’t you received them? I will send them over again”. Nothing received. Fast forward a few weeks and I receive another call from this organisation (this time a different chap) and outline the previous conversations. He agrees that it is pretty bad, doesn’t know what happened but will send over the case studies and contact numbers right away – and yes, you guessed it, I never received anything nor heard from him again (yet!).

This is a classic example of over promising and under delivering, and based on this poor behaviour I am sure you can imagine that I have no intention of subscribing to their service. I am a big advocate of ‘current behaviour dictates future behaviour’ so if they are over promising and under delivering before I have even become a customer, just imagine what it will be like if I did subscribe to their service?

Whilst this might be an extreme example of over promising, we have all been guilty of it at one time or another. Yet it sets us up to fail and damages our brand reputation.

I have just been working with a client on their customer engagement process and customer journey. At all stages we are endeavouring to under promise so that we can exceed client expectations and delight the customer. This is a good strategy for building long term relationships as opposed to over promising to win business and then failing to deliver – resulting in short lived relationships. In order to do this we need to have the conversation with the client about their expectations tempered against what is realistic, the fee and how we measure the outcomes. Sometimes this is a challenging conversation to have but one that is vital to ensure you and the client, your product and the client’s business strategy are all aligned.

So whilst I definitely over promised and under delivered with my blog title, I hope this article provides you with some food for thought?

If this is a challenge for you and you want some support in matching service levels, expectations and outcomes, then please get in touch and let’s have a chat.

New website and new logo

Da Costa Coaching Ltd

If you are reading this blog post then you will see that today I launched my new website together with a new updated logo. It’s been a while coming and at last I will be able to use my site as an example when I am coaching a client around marketing!

I am a firm believer that a website should be about building credibility and trust with your stakeholders so it’s important to show the reader you understand their challenges and their market (rather than making the site just about you).  I hope I have achieved this.  It’s also about adding value – that’s how you make your readers stay and return to your site.  So I have a series of whitepapers that readers can download and since I will be adding new ones every month, I hope you will return to check them out in the future.

I wanted to say a big thank you to Southerly Communications and particularly Anna, who have gone the extra mile to help me get the site just as I imagined it.  They also convinced me to update my logo so today I am also launching that.  It’s a simplified version of my previous ‘maze’ logo but still gets the message across of ‘helping business grow’.

Love to know what you think so please get in touch.