How to build an email sales funnel

How to build an email sales funnel

Have you been struggling to build your email list?

Would you like to build an automated lead generation system?

Well I have some answers for you in this week's episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I talk about the importance of email sales funnels and how you can build one, along with some great tips that can help you nurture and grow your email list.

[0:45] Importance of Email Marketing.

[2:10] Why you should be focusing on Email Marketing.

{03:35] It's never too late to start building your email list!

[5:17] Be context specific with your content to generate lots of email sign ups.

[6:26] Website pop ups are great but use them effectively to capture email addresses.

[7:44] How to nurture your email list.

[10:31] Getting the balance right between providing value added content & driving sales through your emails.

[12:32] Importance of email sales funnel strategy.

[15:35]The importance of sending personalised emails

[18:17] Nurture your subscribers through 3 stages of email sales funnels

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