Why the right mindset separates the winning agency from the also-ran – Part 1 November 12, 2019

Behind every successful business is an entrepreneur with a winning positive mindset. The opposite of this is true too. Think you can’t be successful? Think you can’t grow? Think you can’t outperform your nearest competitor? Then I guarantee you won’t!. I cannot tell you how important this topic is. It isn’t some wishy-washy trendy topic but […]

You Recruited – Now Retain! 4 Strategies For Keeping Top Talent (part 2) October 29, 2019

Your Free Download We’ve covered a lot of ground in this 2-part article.  If you’d like to have a permanent copy for easy reference, just click the button below.  DOWNLOAD THE ARTICLE  During one ​coaching session I talked to an agency owner who lost some top-performing employees within a short time frame. During their exit interviews, […]

Don’t Recruit – Retain! 4 Strategies For Finding and Keeping Top Talent (part 1) October 22, 2019

This is part 1 of a 2 part series on recruitment and retention.  This article focuses on the recruitment process and part 2 will focus on retention strategies. Your Free Download We’re going to cover a lot of ground in this 2-part article.  If you’d like to have a permanent copy for easy reference, just click […]

2 useful podcasts that feature Rob Da Costa!!! October 14, 2019

 I want to share with you 2 recent podcasts that I have been interviewed on. I know you will find them really useful (& get to know me a little!) since they cover two of the biggest topics I frequently talk with clients about:​Unpacking value-based pricing(interview with Lee Jackson from Agency Trailblazers)Trading time for money […]

Escape the Agency Feast or Famine Cycle for Good (Proven Steps + Actionable Advice) September 24, 2019

Your Free Download We’re going to cover a lot of ground in this article.  If you’d like to have a permanent copy for easy reference (plus access to an exclusive One-Page Action Plan to help you put this information into practice right away), just click the button below.  Download the article as an eBook Most agencies […]

The Ultimate Guide To Agency Pricing Models (And Why Value Pricing Beats Them All) July 23, 2019

Introduction When I reflect on the work I do as a business coach, I like to see if I can spot any similarities in the businesses of my highest performing clients.  Success leaves clues, as they say – learning what one business does to win in their specific market often gives an insight into what […]

Why do some companies offer their clients pain killers while most try to give them a vitamin pill? July 10, 2019

If you had a really bad headache and you could buy a pain killer or a vitamin pill, which would you buy?  The painkiller, right? Obvious! Yet in business, I see time and time again, agencies trying to sell their prospective clients a vitamin pill.  This is not a good way to sell. Imagine going […]

A customer story of how niching can dramatically scale your business 7-fold (from £163k to £1.1m) July 3, 2019

Cityzen is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary design practice that works with commercial contractors and property developers to bring designs to life. They contacted Da Costa Coaching after listening to Rob gave a talk at a local networking event.  They had worked with a coach previously but saw that Rob’s service-based agency experience together with his no-nonsense and pragmatic […]

9 Ways That Niching Your Agency Can Triple Your Profits in A Year (The Ultimate Guide) June 25, 2019

Introduction I’ve seen it time and time again… Agencies that have a clearly defined niche massively outperform those that don’t in almost every way: revenue, customer retention, employee satisfaction, and in the quality of their client relationships (because prospects see you as the expert, not just as a supplier). A big statement to make? Sure […]

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