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I feel your pain - when I ran my agency, managing staff was a constant headache

Rob Da Costa, author of this site

I started and grew my marketing agency to 25 staff. Where do you think I spent most of my time? MANAGING STAFF: Dealing with underperformance. Recruiting replacements. Stepping in when clients were disappointed with my team's work, and trying to motivate staff to do their best work.

I recall sitting in my corner office, and everyday staff would bring their "wheelbarrow's of crap" and pile it at my desk!

Fast forward 13 years, and after selling my agency and retraining to become a coach, I have worked with over 250 agency owners, I know this is still the #1 pain point (often closely followed by winning new profitable business and managing clients effectively). This is true, regardless if you have full-time staff or work with freelancers.

There are 4 clear steps agency owners need to take to create a shared understanding of what is expected from staff, put measurements in place to assess performance, support them to deliver and then hold them to account.

To help with the implementation of this, I developed the CARD system and have outlined this concept, capturing some of the tools & advice I give my paying client in this FREE video and PDF guide I want to offer you. Just click on the link below to get instant access.