I specialise in working with creative agencies and service-based businesses (design, marketing, PR, web, digital, recruitment).  If you want to grow your agency’s profits, gain a unique market position, win and retain long-standing clients whilst developing a happy and motivated workforce then get in touch.
Having started, grown and sold my own successful marketing agency, I am well positioned to help you – whether that be as your non-exec director/board advisor, coach or trainer.

business coaching, Brighton, UK

Anna Pedroza

Pedroza Communications

"Rob has used a fantastic and simple set of tools to help me identify my priority areas across all aspects of the business. So, whilst I always have a lot to do, at least now I know I am focusing on the right tasks to move the business forward and not getting side tracked by tasks that are not vital or could be delegated to other team members. After working together for 12-months my profits have increased by 66%"  

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